Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Watercolor Rain Painting, Rainy Day Paintings With Umbrellas

I confess that I love rainy days. As long as I don't have to venture out and slosh through muddy places, I enjoy light, stormy days. If I have to go out, I prefer to be on pavement, concrete or bricks, like the people rushing along with their umbrellas in this watercolor painting. Looking at Rainy Rainy Day I gives me the cozy, comfy feeling that I love. Add a hot cup of coffee or tea and I'm set for the day to accomplish a lot of painting or writing.

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Book Funnel Definition Sales Funnel Stages

A book or sales funnel is a marketing method designed to lead visitors and potential customers to a purchasing decision. It is composed of several processes that may include a landing page. While a landing/sales page and a book funnel can work together, they are also different. 

Some book funnel landing pages can be annoying with their in-your-face graphics, popups and extensive length. They lose the potential customer long before the visitor reaches the end. Landing pages, however, are only as good as the writer of the book funnel.

Potential customers often need to be led on what to think and how to think it. Sometimes they seek but do not follow through when they find what they desire. Sales funnels can lead them through the steps to obtain what they are seeking, which are the published products that you and I are offering. Learn how to skillfully create effective book/sales funnels for your written products here:

Book Funnel Optimization: Essential Tips to Convert Leads into Paying Readers



Thursday, March 24, 2022

Abstract Painting To Print, Blue Abstract Painting

The repeat of quirky, grid lines in this printable shows the pattern style of painting, which has been used since ancient times. In hues of blue, yellow and copper with black and white neutrals, this is a cool and sophisticated, hand-painted artistic design. ABSTRACT STREETS is at home in classic as well as modern and contemporary decor.

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Abstract Painting With Lines, Grid Lines In Abstract Design, Abstract Painting Prints, Abstract Streets Painting