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DIY Wedding Planning Pks.

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Simple Wedding Planner

My first Forever Romantic Wedding Plan Printable Pkgs design called Two Exotics are available in my Etsy shop to help you plan a simple wedding.
They are for the bride who wants a casual marriage that she plans herself and where her and her groom foot the cost.
She wants something simple, easy and uncomplicated that will help her to plan the marriage event of her dreams. 
She doesn't need a 150-page planner or any of the other massive pkgs that are being offered. She will do just fine with my under-32-page simple wedding planning checklists and planning pages. She has her choice of pkg sizes. The micro planner is only 17 pages!
It took a lot of effort and days of work to create these easy wedding planning guides. I am proud that I stuck with it and saw them through to completion.
I designed them in Modest (31 pg), Mini (22 pg) and Micro (17 pg) planner pkgs. I wanted to offer something more simple and easy than the 50, 100 and 150-pg pkgs that are being sold. 
Two Exotics is my first theme, created with my floral blossoms designs using Affinity Designer & Publisher. This pkg is the template for more themes that I'll be creating.
The themes are not how the wedding needs to be styled. They are just colorful, inspiring designs for the bride to look at as she plans her wedding. The pkgs are guide sheets for her to use as she designs the wedding style that she prefers.
See more details about my 3 printable pkgs here:

My casual wedding planning pkgs are just what you, the DIY bride, needs to plan a low-keyed, laid-back event. Forever Romantic Wedding Plan Printables will assist you in organizing your thoughts to pull off your marvelous event exactly as you desire.

I will be adding other romantic-themed printables to motivate, inspire and celebrate romance and love before and after marriage. 

Upcoming pkg design: White Country Church.

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