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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

How To Do Keyword Research Book At Amazon


Now at Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. 

Simple Keyword Search That Even You Will Feel Like Doing

Find the PDF version at Printaphoria:

Simple Keyword Search PDF Book

Learning and using keyword search doesn't have to be expensive, tedious or frightening. In Simple Keyword Search That Even You Will Feel Like Doing, you'll learn to conduct fast, free and easy keyword phrase searches. If you:

  • have never done keyword research,
  • are not sure what it is,
  • have no idea where to start
  • but know you need to,

then this simple, keyword phrase search guidebook is for you. 

Developing good SEO (search engine optimization) habits through keyword search and use is necessary to increase traffic to your listings and content. It's especially vital when selling from your own shop, website or low-traffic platforms. Even at high-traffic venues, competition is so massive now that it's next to impossible to benefit from some of that traffic.
Why beat your head against the traffic-blocking wall when you can quickly learn how to carry out simple SEO keyword searches and use them to pull in more customers? Once you learn, you can carry your skills wherever you sell on the internet. You'll no longer be dependent upon anyone else's website to make sales.
SEO through top-ranking key phrases application is a major player in successful e-commerce. It's great that you are learning just how useful and essential this skill is!



Saturday, January 29, 2022

Allowed Use Or Stolen?

It's the influx of PLR websites and videos promoting private label rights hustling that are part of the proliferation of copyright offenders at selling sites. Most listing venues only allow works/content authored by the members. The question is are PLR ebooks, which are purchased or otherwise acquired by sellers who may consider them to be drafts or outlines and who add to or rewrite them, considered to be their own work?

The main attractions of using private label rights ebooks seem to be the increased volume that can be produced and the variety of subject matter to expand into. A person can also publish in an area or genre of which he/she has very little, if any, expertise. That is not an issue, however, the way that some are utilizing this concept is.

How would it be perceived that a published work began as a PLR document anyway? The point of utilizing PLR is to put your name as the author on the manuscripts. If the work is extensively rewritten, then he/she may very well be the author. How much needs to be rewritten? Well, the nature of PLR is that generally nothing of the product needs to be rewritten to claim it. It's up to the seller to decide what is fair for their target market. Editing or not seems to be an acceptable option with PLR.

Unfortunately, many aspiring writers and sellers are using the PLR concept, either unintentionally or on purpose, to steal the copyrighted works of others. They remove the authors names from the images that they use. Sometimes they even edit the book cover images, placing an obscuring banner, with their own name on it, to hide the rightful author's name.
I believe that there are those who really don't understand the private label rights meaning. However, if a person has not contributed to copyrighted, published works and has replaced authors names with their own, it is difficult to believe that they don't understand that they are stealing and attempting to profit illegally through the works of others.

What is the difference between PLR concept use and the use of stolen, copyrighted-works? Private label rights use is taking unbranded, open-use products, essentially blanks, and editing them, or not, for commercial use. Copyright stealing is the commercial use of products that are marked with names, authors, copyright symbols, copyright dates, statements and other info that shows that the products belong to someone else or to an entity.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Effective Ebook Cover Design

Need inspiration for your ebook cover? Payhip owner Abs Farah has written a blog post on effective ebook cover design. There are some excellent examples to motivate you to think more creatively about the first page that your potential customers will see. It's the cover but it is really the first page that helps lead readers to the other pages inside.

My favs are The Future of Data, for its simply-important design, The Burger Book, for strikingly-crisp photography, Pay Me Or Else, for its ransom note journaling design, which is a technique that I use in altered art, and Attention-Driven Design, for that smart graphic with the arrow pointing the eye in a persuasive direction.

Ebook cover design is no less important than paperback and hardback cover design. This post will help you to focus on how the design, whether simple or complex, should cleverly and effectively illustrate your manuscript.

10 Inspirational Ideas For Ebook Design by Abs Farah