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Start With Something That You Like

Amidst the unpleasantness of life you have control over how you start your day. You set the tone by choosing to focus on the positive at the beginning of your day. No one or no thing can take this control away from you. Start your day with something that you like, a thought, a plan, a choice, an action. Determine to have a good day. It's as simple as that.

Set your course each day for positivity and success! It really is up to you!


Happy Creative Weekend!


What will you create this weekend? It's time to try something new. Use a different medium or try a different technique. Step forward and do what you've been planning to do! You can create. 

Maybe you have already but have been dragging your feet on new projects. Maybe you've always wanted to create but have never thought that you could. Well, you can. All it takes is being determined to start.

Creativity adds fun, light and excitement to life and it is fulfilling.


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Happy Creative Monday: Trading Changes For Freedom

I've been making changes in my creative life right and left. Once you get started, the burdens just keep rolling off and away. We never know how much something was a burden until it's gone. We're always convincing ourselves that life must go on as is.

It's easier to stay burdened than to make changes towards a freedom that we can't or won't see that we need. It doesn't take much convincing for us to believe that we need everything that we have in our lives.

Monday is a good day to evaluate what burdens we may have that need to be shaken off, what new freedoms we need to embrace. HAPPY MONDAY!



Happy Creative Wednesday & Easy Nature Crafts

Creativity is a part of everyday life for those who love making, designing, writing and photography. See my tissue paper leaves glued to natural twigs? That's easy creativity that you can do. 

Fold several layers of tissue paper and cut out oval/marquis/cat eye shapes. Fold them over twigs and glue. Liquid glue works best. Glue sticks may tear the tissue paper. Place your leafy stems in a vase and decorate your environment with this lovely, nature crafts floral design.  

So many possibilities with color schemes and twigs formations! Easy weekend crafts projects for you! Easy crafts for kids!

Happy Creative Wednesday!



Weekend Greetings & Seashells!

I like the sound of ocean surf but, for some reason, was never big on shore living. I prefer lake-space living, especially since I enjoy fresh-water fishing and lake flora and fauna.

The one thing that I absolutely love about being at the ocean shore is collecting shells. No matter how fine or coarse, how light or dark the sand, I can always find interesting shells to use for decor and crafting. There's something special about scavenging these brilliant, neutral-toned sea-life homes as the surf ebbs and flows around me feet.

I also enjoy collecting bits and pieces of driftwood. They make lovely, rustic windchimes and other decorative hangings and decor.



Inspiration Tuesday


You CAN do more than you think you can. 

You CAN create reality with your thoughts.

You CAN bring your desires to pass through your words.

You CAN control your thoughts and direct them to the good that you want to do for yourself.

You CAN receive outstanding, tangible results for your redirected efforts.

You CAN cause your imagination to tell you the truth so that you can break free and excel!


Inspiration Tuesday


What is it that you have been wanting to do, that you can simplify in concept, to make the process available to you, to start to do it where you are in life right now?


Happy Saturday & Signature Colors


My signature colors are green and pink, lime and purple, fuchsia and chartreuse. You get it. Any combo of the tones of yellow-green and purple-pink sends my spirits soaring. I only like the clear crispness of tones (jewel tones), not shades so much and rarely ever tints (pastels). I'm a winter so that figures.

Identifying and using signature colors can help establish your brand among customers and potential customers. It's important because it can be synonymous with consistent quality and service. It can also identify your products wherever potential customers happen to run across them. Using signature colors and motifs give the impression that attention to detail is important to you.

What are your signature colors? I can trace my love for mine all the way back to childhood, especially the green. In art class, I made a papier mache giraffe and painted it green with yellow spots. I also made a pottery bowl and painted the outside green and the inside yellow. Along the way, I became enraptured with fuchsia, the complimentary color of green.

If you haven't yet done so, try to identify the 2-3 colors that make you the most happy and begin to use them to consolidate and grow your business. 



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