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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Poetry About Your Dreams On 33 Products

If you've ever woken up but didn't want to because your dream was too good to leave it, then you'll relate to this poem about dreaming.

Shower Curtain Moon
If you love dreaming and all that has to do with dreams, you will like my new design featuring my poem, What If We Could Live In The Places In Our Dreams?

Comforter With Stars
What if we could live in the places in our dreams?

The places that we miss.

The places that we love.

Blank Card With Moon And Stars

The places that make us feel alive.

Wall Art With Dream Poem

There would be no reason to come back.

Dream Wall Art

But for now, we can only visit.


Art Print Lady Moon Stars

You can find this alluring design on 33 print-on-demand products here: 

What If We Could Live In The Places In Our Dreams 

Grace your home with memories of your lovely dream places!

ACDStudio at Redbubble


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pet Products With Hearts Design

Spring Hearts is a watercolor hearts design in colors of pink, green and yellow on a white background. This hand painted design is taken from one of my original Hearts paintings. 

I paint hearts designs with leftover paint from craft projects, which is a green process. I scan the paintings and digitally alter them to create new designs and colorways.

Click the product links below to learn more about these artful pet products and to order through my Draw Nigh To Hope shop at Redbubble.

   Cat Mat



Dog Mat



Pet Bandana



Pet Bowl


Pet Blanket


Thank you for viewing my design and products!


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

POD Can Be Good Passive Income

I reopened my Society6 shop so they can sell physical prints of my artwork and greeting cards. Of course, they sell designs on many other products. I will be primarily promoting my wall/framed art and greeting cards from this shop, though my designs will be available on many of their products.
I don't sell maker and handmades products anymore and am glad that I don't have to do packing and shipping anymore. I only sell my digital and printable graphic products from my own shop, Printaphoria
While artists don't receive a lot of money through POD, it's a great way to set up a passive income stream.
Set up your shop. Upload your designs. Write your product descriptions and add your keywords/search terms. Post your listing and move on to something else. 
There is, however, consistent promoting that you should do because competition is very stiff at all POD sites. I doubt if very many artists generate income by doing nothing, despite the great site traffic. Adding designs regularly will also help.
I used to be on Zazzle and Curioos but left a couple yrs ago. I was also at Society6 previously, which was the easiest POD site to leave. No problems. No headaches. No drama in closing my account. I'm glad to be back!
Visit my shop here: