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Exercise Between Computer Sittings

If I'm not at my computer designing and writing, I'm at my craft table making or at my sewing table sewing. As a mature person, I try to make sure to stretch my body several times each day. I love walking and bicycle-riding but am not in a place where I can enjoy those 2 things at this time.

So, I have a series of body stretches and hand exercises that I do throughout the day. They exercise my upper body/arms and my lower body/legs/calves/ankles. I adapted them from when I was younger and ran every Saturday and did strengthening exercises. There are 14 of them and I do 10 reps each. I used to do 20 reps each but too many times I avoided doing them because of the time involved.

In reality, it's not that much time but once a busy day starts, nothing non-essential is getting in. 😄 We have to identify and choose what will be essential. I had to find a way to make sure to do them. And that's the key to consistency. Do whatever it takes to adjust a process/procedure so that you will be sure to do it. It doesn't matter what other people say about how you must do something.

Another thing that I had to do to insure that I did them everyday is to stretch them out throughout the day/evening. I used to do the entire routine at one time. All 14. For a while, it worked, but I started putting it off because of the time it took.

I came up with an idea. It had become a challenge for me to get up from the computer to give my body and eyes a rest. I would find that I'd worked for hours. I broke up my fitness routine into 6 sessions and combined them with getting up from the computer. I don't have a set schedule. It doesn't matter what time I start and what time I do the last session because I'm on the computer throughout the day and into the night. Of course, I get up to do other things, bathroom, eat, look out window 😄, but this pairing helps ensure that I exercise and take a break from the computer.

I still don't always do it perfectly but it makes a big difference. If I go too many days making it only halfway through the series before bedtime, the next day I'll start with the last set instead of the first. Depending on how my day goes, I will start the 1st set early in the morning or I may not start it till the afternoon. There's great flexibility and I give myself much grace so that I can succeed more often than fail.

I think the most important point is for everyone to develop a health and fitness program that works for her/him. Ideas can be gleaned from others but stop making them the rule of thumb. Whatever it takes, because trying to do things exactly as others often leads to failure and discouragement. We should adjust and adapt in whatever way it takes to always keep our spirits excited and not dejected.