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Happy Creative Wednesday & Easy Nature Crafts

Creativity is a part of everyday life for those who love making, designing, writing and photography. See my tissue paper leaves glued to natural twigs? That's easy creativity that you can do. 

Fold several layers of tissue paper and cut out oval/marquis/cat eye shapes. Fold them over twigs and glue. Liquid glue works best. Glue sticks may tear the tissue paper. Place your leafy stems in a vase and decorate your environment with this lovely, nature crafts floral design.  

So many possibilities with color schemes and twigs formations! Easy weekend crafts projects for you! Easy crafts for kids!

Happy Creative Wednesday!



Lettuce Craft Featured Project

~ One of my projects, Nature-Inspired Scrabble Tile Necklaces, is featured at Lettuce Craft, a wonderful, busy craft forum. I'm going to write a post about the site soon. I'm still new and learning my way around. ~


Weekend Greetings & Seashells!

I like the sound of ocean surf but, for some reason, was never big on shore living. I prefer lake-space living, especially since I enjoy fresh-water fishing and lake flora and fauna.

The one thing that I absolutely love about being at the ocean shore is collecting shells. No matter how fine or coarse, how light or dark the sand, I can always find interesting shells to use for decor and crafting. There's something special about scavenging these brilliant, neutral-toned sea-life homes as the surf ebbs and flows around me feet.

I also enjoy collecting bits and pieces of driftwood. They make lovely, rustic windchimes and other decorative hangings and decor.