Happy Creative Monday: Trading Changes For Freedom

I've been making changes in my creative life right and left. Once you get started, the burdens just keep rolling off and away. We never know how much something was a burden until it's gone. We're always convincing ourselves that life must go on as is.

It's easier to stay burdened than to make changes towards a freedom that we can't or won't see that we need. It doesn't take much convincing for us to believe that we need everything that we have in our lives.

Monday is a good day to evaluate what burdens we may have that need to be shaken off, what new freedoms we need to embrace. HAPPY MONDAY!



Happy Creative Friday: You Can Create!


Embrace your creativity! Enjoy creative living! It's a breath of fresh air everyday! You can create. You have the ability within. It's not like what anyone else does. It's your special vision, you way of seeing things. It is a gift that you have to enhance and brighten your life.

See this inspiring post: You Are Creative!


Small Envelopes For Seeds

Almost time for harvest and seed-saving! These small envelopes for seeds will help you to organize your heirloom seeds. Separate your hybrids into mini envelopes that you print, cut out and fold yourself. 

Flowering, vegetable, fruit or herbs seeds can be salvaged into these easy to file pockets. These Roses Design Seed Catchers provide a way for you to prepare to grow a new garden or crop of your precious botanicals for the next growing season.

You receive:

 ♦ 3 (three) printable envelopes, 1 3/4 x 2 3/4" approx.

♦ 300 dpi for crisp printing on 8 1/2 x 11" paper or card stock.

♦ Print, cut out, fold and glue or tape 3 flaps on each.

♦ Print as often as needed. Remember that your equipment may display and print the colors differently. Save your ink and print in black and white if it will work for your project.

These printable envelopes can also be used for craft storage of  beads, buttons, scrap fabrics and other crafting supplies. Also, use them for office supplies storage. 




Buy Roses Design Seed Catchers at 












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