Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Free Image Mondays


The free image for today is this lovely, orange pumpkin painted in softly-shaded colors of golden orange, green and brown. 

It is 300 dpi, 8000 x 8000 px. It is in PNG format (transparent background).

Royalty free for personal and commercial use, no fee, no attribution needed.

Print out or use digitally.

Free Image Mondays at Printaphoria & Creative Living

Download it here from my files at Microsoft OneDrive:


If you have any problems getting the image please reply in comments.  

Thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Free Image Mondays

Visit Pixabay for free image downloads from Artsy Craftery Design Studio. Here's a sample.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio Stock Images


Pixabay Images From Artsy Craftery Design Studio

Stock Images From Artsy Craftery Design Studio

Free Personal & Commercial Images From Artsy Craftery Design Studio

In addition to being a contributor, I use Pixabay often. The stock images are free to use for any purpose, personal and commercial. You can donate to the artists, designers and photographers for any image, if you desire. It's not required to download and use the images. They call it giving a coffee. 

I will be uploading more graphics and images there, as well as sharing other free images  here at Printaphoria & Creative Living every Free Image Monday.

ArtsyCrafteryDesignStudio at Pixabay


Monday, October 11, 2021

New Page At Printaphoria & Creative Living

You can now find links to Amazon-published paperbacks and upcoming ebooks at the new page Amazon Books. The publications are good for gift-giving as well as personal use. Thanks for visiting!