Marketing Help

Nick Kolenda is an independent researcher in consumer psychology. In his free newsletter, he shares tips (studies) on the psychology of marketing. He doesn't push any of his priced products. I've been receiving his free tips for many months. Though he says he sends them weekly, I don't recall getting them weekly, so he's not invasive.

I scan his tips and take to heart what will work for me, saving those that resonate. He also offers free, downloadable PDFs of his newsletter tips. One of my favorites is one that he sent recently, Lonely People Prefer Similar Colors. This visual companionship feels like social companionship. He goes on to explain. His tips are brief and to the point, easy to understand. His website is also easy to navigate and briefly-designed.

He does have 2 subscription plans (which includes courses and a brand generator) but in all of the months (probably a yr or 2 actually) that I've been receiving his newsletters, I've never once been asked to buy a subscription. He has books on Amazon and also offers auditing for website optimization.  

You should consider signing up for his free newsletter. It's amazing what little tweeks will do to bring in more traffic and generate more sales.

Nick Kolenda Website