Mini Hanging Sachet Ornaments

My Mini Hanging Sachet Ornaments were featured this week at LettuceCraft

These can also be called mini pillow ornaments. They are a fun size with the clock being 3x3.5".

The supplies list is simple:

  • White or neutral fabric piece.
  • Watercolor paints.
  • Rubber or photopolymer stamps and stamping ink.
  • Beads and thread.
  • Ribbon.
  • Thick glue.
  • Black marker.
  • Polyfill, foam fill or scrap fabric pieces.

 See how I made them at my LettuceCraft post.

If you love living the creative life, consider joining LettuceCraft. It is actually an active forum, not dead like so many are now. I L*O*V*E creating posts and interacting there!