Zipper Pouch Brand Labels Best Positioning For More Sales

I was on Instagram when I ran across these lovely, colorful zipper pouches with the combo fabrics. See the black and white fabric brand labels attached to the outside? They are a cute touch, right? Well, I wouldn't put my labels on the outside. It would be too easy for people to snip them off because they don't like them there and there would go my chance and investment for brand identity. Who would snip them off? Who cares?, you ask. Obviously, you'd be surprised.

For people like me, those who like things somewhat perfect, neat and so-so, it would be eternally annoying to see the tag on the outside whenever the pouch was reached for. My first reaction would be to want to turn it inside out so that the tag would be inside, where it belongs. After a few times of remembering that the pouch is already right side out, I'd have to snip off the tag. My nerves couldn't tolerate it.

Now being a maker myself and knowing how important brand identity is, I'd probably tack the snipped label to the inside with a needle and thread. Rather than being in the majority this time, I know I'd be in the minority of those who would do that. Most would chuck that snipped ID into the round file. Later, they would not be able to recall who made the pouch when asked where one could be bought.

You say, Well, I wouldn't mind the tag being on the outside. I would forget it's there. With reference to marketing efforts and dollars invested, what matters is how many generally would mind? The average person feels that tags belong either in the back, underneath or on the inside. It would be a simple matter for an annoyed customer to correct this by unintentionally cutting away a maker's chance at a piggyback sale.

I'd sew my zipper pouch labels into the inside, where the average person feels they should be. Though temporary, I'd use my hang tags for the outside brand identification. To give my cloth labels more visibility on the inside, I'd sew them to the zipper seam, rather than into the side bottom area. I'd make sure the label was laying flat to the top inside under the zipper. It would then be seen as soon as the pouch was opened. 

Better for my disposable hang tags to be temporary than my snipped cloth labels. Stubbornness equals loss. Wisdom and adaptability equals more sales.