Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fluid Chalk Stamping Refills Needed


Colorbox Fluid Chalk Cat's Eyes ~ Primary Refills Needed

I have a small Cat's Eyes chalk stamp pad set but Clearsnap discontinued them in 2019. I've searched for chalk refills and only found a handful of colors I don't need on Ebay. I thought that surely another company made chalk stamping ink but I have not seen any. I've only seen liquid chalk markers.

Do you know of a source or do you have any ideas on how I could stir up my own?

I like the little marquis-shaped pads because they are easy to use like blenders for tight, small spaces or quick card stock edge coloring. If I can't refill them with chalk, I thought about just re-inking them with my regular inks to salvage them.

Thanks for your help,



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