Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Better Twitter Marketing


Six years or so ago, Twitter was used daily by me and my crafting friends. Though I was not a faithful participant, I remember fondly the tweeting events, Twitter bombs and striving not to be sent to Twitter jail. I also had fun using Tweet Deck for awhile.

Over the years, Twitter seems to have fallen into disuse by much of my crafting community. I run by my profile occasionally to update my banner and weed out my following and followers lists. I have even tweeted infrequently but I never liked Twitter very much. The tiny posts images and the abbreviated posts lengths always annoyed and constricted me too much.

Recently, I checked on some of my creative associates and found that many had not tweeted in years! I was not surprised but the discovery left me saddened. It was a reminder that so much online activity has declined among creative groups, social sites and selling venues. It seems to have happened swiftly within the last few years and never recovered.

During my visit, I ran across a link to this post on how to better use Twitter. I was surprised that one of the suggestions is to use only one hashtag in tweets. The article author explains why. If you find yourself still using Twitter or wanting to, read this short help article to better promote your products and services when tweeting.

Six Things You Should NOT Do on Twitter  by the social media strategists at the award-winning NYC-based Likable, LLC, a 10Pearls Company 


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Happy Saturday & Signature Colors


My signature colors are green and pink, lime and purple, fuchsia and chartreuse. You get it. Any combo of the tones of yellow-green and purple-pink sends my spirits soaring. I only like the clear crispness of tones (jewel tones), not shades so much and rarely ever tints (pastels). I'm a winter so that figures.

Identifying and using signature colors can help establish your brand among customers and potential customers. It's important because it can be synonymous with consistent quality and service. It can also identify your products wherever potential customers happen to run across them. Using signature colors and motifs give the impression that attention to detail is important to you.

What are your signature colors? I can trace my love for mine all the way back to childhood, especially the green. In art class, I made a papier mache giraffe and painted it green with yellow spots. I also made a pottery bowl and painted the outside green and the inside yellow. Along the way, I became enraptured with fuchsia, the complimentary color of green.

If you haven't yet done so, try to identify the 2-3 colors that make you the most happy and begin to use them to consolidate and grow your business. 



A Few Printaphoria Products

In My Signature Colors

Pink And Green Printable Paper      

Printable Motivational Prayer Flags 



Chartreuse Pink Turquoise Printable Paper

Purple And Green Printable Paper

Monday, September 6, 2021

Happy Labor Day Week Sale!



Happy Labor Day Sale!

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The best part of this sale is that it's

All Week Long 

Sale ends at 12:01 am Tues 9/14

That's after midnight on Mon 9/13 

 Newest Listing is a new colorway of my Handmade Of Course product tags. 

Handmade Of Course Sea Blue Product Tags by Artsy Craftery Design Studio

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Graphics To Beautify, Organize and Simplify Your Life!

Labor Day Image Credit: American Greetings eCards Postcard

Monday, August 30, 2021

Fall Leaves And Branches Clip Art


Fall Leaves & Branches Clip Art Pk by Artsy Craftery Design Studio
Autumn will arrive in about 23 days. While you may be in the midst of your fall designs, it's not too late to obtain additional elements. Some of the colors of my elements cross over into winter.

My Fall Leaves & Branches Digital & Clip Art Pk has 46 total elements and frames.


As usual, designs by Artsy Craftery Design Studio are not only for personal use but for commercial use as well, when used in crafted products and digital designs.

See more details about my Fall Leaves & Branches Digital & Clip Art Pk at Printaphoria Shop. Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Free Affinity Designer Vectors From LollyJeanne


Lollyjeanne Affinity Vectors

If you are seeking holiday vectors to use in your Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher apps, this is the place. Lori at Lollyjeanne has skillfully and accurately recreated mid-century designs that can be fully edited, in the Affinity programs, to your style and needs.

I downloaded some of her cute free graphics. I really like her coffee cup and am already thinking of how I can use it in card designs. It would also work well in cafe-style wall art.

You can get her freebies here Lollyjeanne Freebies where she also offers a generous license and creative options.

Vector & PNG Resource Freebies by Lollyjeanne

I have been using Affinity products for years and I like Lori's work so much that I purchased 5 files from Lollyjeanne's Etsy Shop

I love the files that I've purchased. They are a very good investment and I would buy from Lori again. While she mainly offers design resources for creative folks working with Affinity graphic programs, she also designs clip art.

She says everything here on Lollyjeanne is created with love in Affinity Designer. I hope these design resources will be a useful addition to your creative library! 

Atomic Christmas Chickadee by Lollyjeanne
 Chickadee: This is the sweetest vector image! Looking forward to using him in my holiday designs.

Atomic Christmas Orament II by Lollyjeanne

Atomic Christmas Ornament II: I love mid-century modern and Lori has created a stunning, accurate replication in her holiday ornaments designs. Can hardly wait to get started creating my holiday designs using her fully-editable work.

Atomic Christmas 4 Snowflakes: Anything snow and I'm in love. Lollyjeanne's Atomic Snowflakes give me chills of excitement! Remember: she designed them to be very easy to edit in the Affinity Suite apps. So excited about my purchase!

Atomic Christmas Pine Branch: This is the best simplistic, stylized design of a pine bough that I've ever seen! Very easy to download too. Happy with my purchase!

Atomic Christmas Ornament 4: Another mid-century ornament design that can be fully edited to your style and needs. Happy with my investment and you will be too!

 Lollyjeanne also offers gorgeous design packs!



Visit Lollyjeanne at these sites:

Atomic Christmas PNG Graphic Set 

Lollyjeanne Website

Lollyjeanne's Etsy Shop



Friday, July 2, 2021

Another File Format Free Of Charge

Seed Savers Envelopes at Printaphoria
At Printaphoria, I usually list products as one of these file formats:

  • Jpeg
  • Pdf
  • Png

Seed Catchers Envelopes Roses Design at Printaphoria

Occasionally, a pack may include more than one format.

If you ever need another format other than what is offered, just contact me before you order.

  1. I'll first verify that it is doable.
  2. I'll then have you purchase the listing.
  3. I will email to you the format that you need.

Best of all? It's free of charge, courtesy of




Happy Creative Day!



Tuesday, June 22, 2021

What Is The Sweet Spot In Marketing Today?

The Sweet Spot In Marketing

Unique ideas and creativity in marketing is the sweet spot in selling. When many sellers joined Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and other high-traffic venues, they never learned how to market. The marketing was done for them, traffic was heavy and sales were good.

Nowadays, it's more difficult than ever to get a significant piece of the creative sales pie. Even becoming successful at Etsy today, the old quick-sales stomping ground, is a huge challenge. For a decade or more now, shifting of manufacturing jobs, poor economy and COVID woes have led many to start selling their handmade products and creative services. The influx of overseas sellers offering cheap products has virtually decimated the market for handmades sellers and independent designers.

All of the easy ways for crafters, artists and designers to make money online have largely dried up. Except for a few unique start-ups, the only Etsy sellers who are in the black are those who started with the launch of the selling site and grew their enterprise through it. They are successful today because they got a foot in early on, which was around 2007 for most of them.

Today, the savvy creative is committed and diligent in seeking new places, methods and niches to which to market. I'm not sure how useful services like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads are anymore. I know they can be expensive for the average creative person as you increasingly funnel in money to obtain elusive results. If we can create, we can create our own targeted marketing processes, not with the primary goal to increase sales but to get our products in front of those who would most benefit. It's all about the customers needs and wants.

One way to more effectively invest our advertising dollars is through blog banner advertising. Many bloggers sell banner ad space in the sidebars of their blogs. If we buy banner ad space at blogs that compliment our products, we will place our work, almost exclusively, in front of our target markets. In this way, we can also zero in on niche markets where the competition for our product and service type is not nearly as steep.

In addition to choosing appropriate blogs, it's important to design an attention-getting, yet tasteful banner.

  • You can design them yourself
  • Barter with a friend or associate skilled at graphic design
  • Pay for a banner to be designed at graphics venues like:
    • Fiverr, where most gigs start at $5
    • People Per Hour, where client deposits are locked in  
    • Freelancer, which has an effective time-tracking process
    • Truelancer, where you can post a project and be matched with freelancers from which to choose
  • Allow the blog owner to design your banner if the service is offered.

Fiverr is the most economical design source. It was launched as a $5 per gig site and has since opened up to all price points. I have sold writing and naming services there and am planning to buy illustration services. I have not used the others sites. Always read the guidelines, policies and procedures on these sites before buying work.

Your banners need not be elaborate or complicated. They should be easy to spot and easy to read with a minimum words. Ask the blog owner if there are any specifics that you need to adhere to in your design.

What I like about this type of advertising is the variety of banner sizes and prices that are usually offered and the variety of time frames for the banner to be displayed. Try out several blogs to find the ones through which you get the most response, even if it's just nibbles. Build on those nibbles and turn them into sales and returning purchases! Don't forget to develop some unique products and services, the first part of the equation.



Tuesday, May 4, 2021

How To Start A New Design Project

Coffee, Cake, Creating on a rainy, thunderstorm day. Don't have the fat piece of cake, like the lady in the image and don't feel like taking out the box of chocolate cake mix either. I do have some chocolate chip pecan cookies.

Do you use a planner journal with all of those cute accessories? I don't but I sure need to. They are SO popular! I do have a creative notebook but a planner would help me get more done, I'm sure. It would be fun to use those stickers, paper clips, Washi tape and more.

I've decided to design a downloadable planner set for sale. It will be based on my printable artwork: "I Am Positive-Minded. I Attract Health, Wealth & Love." To help me get started, I ordered a pretty Heidi Swapp planner set to use as inspiration.
Find the Heidi Swapp planner kit that I ordered from HSN. There's even an HSN vid on how to use it: https://ishort.ink/YoZt
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner
  • Look around at what others are doing to get inspiration for new products.
  • Design something that you need and will use yourself. You can market it much better.
  • Use the products and kits of others to coordinate your own. 
  • Give credit whenever someone else inspires you.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Make Bookmarks Of Your Family

Buzzfeed Craft Project

I have never seen bookmarks like this before! Opening your book and seeing your most favorite person would be SO much fun! Wonderful gift idea for parents and grandparents. Easier than I thought to make them too. Find this nifty project and others at

Happy Crafting! 


Monday, March 22, 2021

Ira Glass Uplifts The Creative

THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.

Stuck in a slump and not creating? Fearful that your work may never be good enough?

Watch Ira Glass's video, a mesmerizing, motivating and inspiring message about the gap between what we may be creating at any point with our hands ~ versus ~ what our minds may be creating.

Find more info about Daniel Sax, the man who shared Mr. Glass' vid, here at Vimeo


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How To Make A Mason Jar Shaker Card


Mason Jar Shaker Card Design by Artsy Craftery Design Studio
This is my first shaker card design and my first time using my BiraCrafts Stamping Pro stamp platform. This stamp platform is unique in how it works and I love using it already. So glad I saved money and bought it.

Die cut red glitter hearts for mason jar handmade card.

I don't have step-by-step images for this project, only finished product. I was rushing, as I made it, to get this card into the mail.

For the mason jar shaker window and flower stems, I used Stampendous! Fran's Bouquet For You clear stamps set. Couldn't find this set at Stampendous!'s website, so it may be discontinued. I bought it on Ebay in a pack with 2 other sets. I found it alone at Ebay and Amazon, if you want to look.

Create a handmade shaker window for your card.

Fran's has some pretty, little stamp sets at Stampendous! I love the Fruity Drinks clear stamps set but while I got a good bargain on the 3-set pk at Ebay (one set was used), on the site that set is $16.00.

You know these craft supplies are expensive! That's why I'm always seeking bargains. I keep a wish list of craft stuff and it's often a long while before I buy a new product. I have to watch my budget very carefully but that does not stop me from crafting whenever I want to. I use lots of generic products as well as found, salvaged and recycled things.

Cut die cut glitter hearts in half to make falling petals.

For the stamped hearts I used a stamp from an Aliexpress set and My Favorite Things Boysenberry Premium Dye Ink Cube. Any heart stamp in the size you prefer and any stamp ink will do. I colored the inside of the hearts with a hot pink gel pen and added a heart sequin to the center of each.

I stamped the leafy vines using Stampendous! Perfectly Clear Stamps Encouraging Words set and My Favorite Things Limelight Premium Dye Ink Cube, and added highlights with gel pens. You can see the stamp set at Etsy and Ebay. I stamped the word Hello and the sentiment panel inside using Aliexpress stamps also and Tsukineko Memento Tuxedo Black dye ink pad.

Handmade mason jar shaker window tut at Printaphoria blog.

The shaker window was made by stamping the mason jar twice, once onto the card and once onto a piece of card stock. I decided to color in the flower stems and the inside of the mason jar on the card to simulate water. I used pastels, Gelatos and gel pens. I won't do that again because it caused the shakers to drag and stick when shaking the card. It would be better to use colored card stock. I guess the media, no matter how dry after applied, are substances that grab glitters and other tiny shaker pieces.

I cut out the mason jar from the card stock and cut a piece from a sheet of salvaged clear plastic that would fit behind the mason jar cut out. I glued them together and set aside. I then cut small pieces of double-sided sticky foam, removed the protective tape from one side and adhered them around the border of the mason jar image that I had stamped onto the card. I ensured that there were no spaces between the sticky foam pieces, that I butted against each other, for the shakers to fall out.

You can use salvaged foam pieces and scavenged plastic to make your handmade card shaker windows.

I salvage any foam that is sticky on both sides with protective tape that has to be pulled away. You can use sticky foam strips, foam weather stripping rolls (cut your pieces to size), etc. You can even use foam pieces in a pinch that are not sticky and that you'd have to glue down.

I added my shakers inside the foam walls that I stuck around the border of the mason jar image on the card. I used glitter, sequins, rhinestones, flat sequins, etc.

Use a variety of shaker pieces for your mason jar shaker window.

I used an Aliexpress heart die to die cut fuchsia red hearts from My Favorite Things Replenishments Celebration Glitter 6x6" cardstock pk. The paper is beautiful but the last time I checked they did not have that pk anymore. I cut some of the hearts in half to make petals. You can see that I glued a couple of the hearts inside. I ended my crafting session by accenting this handmade card with sequins and rhinestones and brushing a green stamp pad over the edges. I signed it and sent it on it's way to my friend for Valentine's Day.


  • Don't use media to color inside shaker windows.
  • Design a more interesting background for the card front.
  • Wipe the inside of the shaker window with an anti-static pouch before assembling.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

News: Baroqoo


Went to visit Baroqoo today and found out they shut down last year. I found this post by an Etsy seller dated 6/20:
I have just been in contact with the team at Baroqoo today after noticing that my monthly payment was not removed by PayPal. I was told that while Baroqoo is closing at the end of June, they did not feel comfortable taking payments for June. They said they did not have the success they had hoped for and that having public venues to get the Baroqoo name know came to a halt with Covid-19.

No new handmades selling sites seem to be able to make it anymore. While money can be a major issue and COVID threw a monkey wrench into the mix, I wonder if it's something else? I remember more failures before the virus hit. Many massively-successful enterprises in other industries made it through the most astounding odds. There just seems to have been a slump in handmades selling support during the past 10 yrs from which the cottage industry never recovered.

What do you think is the most significant cause(s) for the failure of new handmades selling venues?

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Hearts & Dots Turquoise Hot Pink Blue Peach Coral Printable Paper


Hearts & Dots Hot Experience Single Printable Paper by Artsy Craftery Design Studio
This is a colorway tending towards pastels with pops of turquoise and fuchsia. The peach or light coral highlights add a unique accent to the color theme.

Detail & Full View Of Hearts & Dots Hot Experience Printable Paper
The detail image shows an up close look at the watercolor strokes. This is a digitally-enhanced design of my original Hearts painting that I named Hearts & Dots. This version I call Hot Experience. 

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